Charles Tost and Arqués (Barcelona, 1950-1992)

This exhibition kicks off 23/02/17 and ends 11/03/17, the opening of this day exhibition will be held on Thursday 23 to eight p.m., a cocktail will be served besides a brief recital of classical guitar concert by the Albert Noriega.

The presentation of the exhibition will be in charge of art critic Ramón Casale



Charles Arqués. An intimate look art

In the art world there have been some premature deaths artists, This circumstance makes not know actually what had been his creative evolution. No go back to past times, in contemporary art have artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, for example, not reached 40 years, but instead found his works to museums in the world. Closer to us is the painter Charles Arqués, who died at 42 years, a bright future, Considering that at the end of studies Fine Arts won the 1st Prize of the General Directorate of Fine Arts, l’any 1975, tagging content with a work constructivist. Besides, the same year as set out individually in a gallery and prestigious room was Vayreda, which indicated that his career took a very illegal way·exciting.

His family wanted his work did not fall into oblivion and in recent years has promoted several exhibitions to publicize his pictorial work, in addition to the publication of a book and created a website that serves the public to realize the work done during the 1974 a 1992. So far the exhibition presents ESART gallery of drawings and paintings of Charles Arqués, Barcelona served for the public is reunited with his creations, moving between abstraction and figuration.

Arques has worked regularly painting, drawing and collage. Now we can contemplate ESART is a collection of his drawings to color most important, plus some paintings. Here is the most creative and free Arqués, where the movement, the color and shape that are in their immediate surroundings, suggest new expressive aspects to better understand how the human body, whether the figure represents through the male and female. Needless to tangibly show the faces and bodies of the characters, but the sinuous and stylized forms create the impression of movement and they sensed their presence.

Ramon Soler Casale (l’International Association of Art Critics)








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